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I can't help it that so many people are related to me... it's just their tough luck."(jcf) Family Members Make The Best Friends, And The Worst Enemies.

GREETINGS! A Little About Me!
Glad you came by for a visit. I am a Fleming and related family genealogy researcher. Here in the mountainous region of eastern KY, the area is deep in tradition and rich in heritage. Letcher and Pike counties of eastern KY are my areas of concentration. My family has so many stories to tell. I not only research my family history, but I enjoy collecting stamps and picking the 5-string banjo. Explore the pages, let me know what you think. Please understand that this page is offered in good faith, with no intention to offend anyone. Accuracy is not guaranteed... but neither is tomorrow. Comments welcome.
Fleming Name History
The “Fleming” name had it’s origin from a region of either Belgium or Northern France then referred to as “Flanders”. Those who lived in this area spoke “Flemish”. The name “Fleming” refers to one who is a native of Flanders. The Flemish and Dutch language probably derived from one another. It is said that Robert Fleming and his wife spoke with a Dutch accent. Variation of the Fleming name are numerous: Flemming le Fleming, Flemings, Flemon, Fliming, Fleman, Flemans, Fleminge and Flemyng. Somewhere through the years “Fleming” has evolved from these variations.

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Clinton Fleming
View A Tribute To My Dad, Clinton Fleming

Keith Fleming
View A Kentucky Cowboy, Rabon Keith Fleming

Mix Pickles
View Making "Mix Pickles" - A Family Tradition

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-- Canning -- Drying -- Recipes -- Planting By The Signs -- Etc.

These "Treasures" are shared by our family members who learned to preserve food in order to make it through the winter. Also included on these pages are recipies and little cooking secrets that makes each dish special. Our families have survived long harsh winters because of their thrifty planning and preparing of food they raised in the garden. Most of us have never eaten certain parts of a hog. Dad use to say they ate everything but the squeal.

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Jenay (Fleming) Hall Named Neon Librarian 2010

Jenay Hall is the new head librarian of the Lillian Webb Memorial Library in Neon. A 1984 graduate of Fleming-Neon High School, she is married to Larry Hall and has two children, Tazsha and Lauren. Hall will also continue to be the children’s librarian at the Harry M. Caudill Library in Whitesburg. She previously worked with AmeriCorp and Save the Children at Fleming-Neon Elementary School, and earned an associate degree at Southeast Kentucky Community and Technical College. She worked at Fleming-Neon Elementary as a tutor and substitute teacher for the Letcher County School System until 2005, when she became circulation library at the Caudill Library. She completed her library certification in 2006, and became the Caudill Library’s children’s librarian. Jenay is the daughter of Keith Fleming; s/o Clinton Fleming; s/o John Jefferson Fleming; s/o Sol Fleming; s/o Frederick Fleming; s/o Robert Fleming from Ireland. (Mtn. Eagle)

Ellen Jenay (Fleming) Hall

Cicada or Locust

17 Year Locust Emerge In East KY In 2008!

These redeyed bugs were last seen in 1991. 2008 is the year for them to emerge out of the ground and start their yeary singing. Actually they are Cicada's. We here in the mountain have always called them locust. Usually there's no crop damage and only a few tree branches will be damaged by the laying of their eggs. In a few weeks the new nympths will enter their ground for their 17 year journey again.

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Mable (Fleming) Johnson

Mable (Fleming) Johnson Honored As Volunteer Of The Year In 2007

On June 5, 2007 the Letcher County Chamber of Commerce honored Mable (Fleming) Johnson by presenting her with the "Outstanding Comunity Service Award." Over 100 people gathered at the Pine Mountain Grill for the awards ceremony. Several of Mable's family and friends were able to attend. Mable accepted the award in her usual humble way by thanking the Chamber of Commerce for the honor. Mable is the wife of the late James W. Johnson and the daughter of John Jefferson and Bessie Ellen (Stewart) Fleming. Her Fleming linage: d/o "Bloomer" John Jefferson Fleming; s/o Sol Fleming; s/o Frederick Fleming; s/o Robert Fleming who came from Ireland. Her Stewart linage: d/o Bessie Ellen Stewart; d/o Robert "Bob" Stewart; s/o Isaac Stewart; s/o Thomas Stewart, Jr.; s/o Thomas Stewart; s/o David Stewart; s/o Samuel Stewart; s/o David Stewart; s/o Dr. John Stewart (Stuart) who is believed to come from Scotland to what is now Deleware.

                               RECENT AREA OBITUARIES                               

JOHNSON, Truby 1945-2010      HALL, Rachel Marie 1996-2010          HAMPTON, Jimmy Wayne, 1951-2010;

YONTS, Helen Marie, 1924-2010;      BURKE, Opal Mae 1928-2010;         FLEMING, Ernie Ray 1944-2009;

STONE, Joel Drexel 1927-2010;          ANDERSON, Charles "Cigar" 1922-2010;

BENTLEY, Ballard 1926-2010;          WELCH, Reuben "R.H." Jr. 1924-2009;          CLOUSE, Octavia (Stewart) 1921-2009;

QUILLEN, Hazel (Brown) 1917-2009;          JOHNSON, Jacob "Jake" 1921-2009;          TACKETT, Fred 1946-2009;

FLEMING, Helen (Gibson) 1930-2009;          BENTLEY, Sally (Collins) 1943-2009;

POTTER, Curwood, Jr., 1943-2008;          SMITH, Ruth (Collier) Anderson 1925-2008

BURKE, Sarah Elizabeth (Tackett) 1919-2008;          SELMA RILEY 1922-2008

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