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In addition to publishing HortIdeas, we do freelance editing and typesetting

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Greg is an excellent editor. He can take just about anyone's writing and improve it in a subtle manner (while correcting spelling, punctuation, phrasing, etc.), so that it reads really well, but without losing the original author's style. In fact, the author frequently thinks that there are hardly any changes, unless he/she compares it with the original.


Have you noticed that much of today's typesetting is of poor quality compared with that of the past? Extra hyphens in the middle of lines, words overcrowded or spaced way out, obvious mistakes that should have been found in proofreading, incorrect hyphenation, and overdesigned pages that you can barely read are all common these days. That's because much typesetting today is done either overseas by people whose primary language is not even English, or is done by amateurs with powerful computer desktop publishing programs, but little or no experience or training.

But typesetting is an art. A lot of it can be automated by desktop publishing programs, but not all of it, by any means. Even with simple text, an experienced typesetter will modify the output of the computer to make it more readable and pleasing to look at. When more complicated page design is involved, an experienced typesetter/designer makes all the difference in the world. We have designed and/or typeset all kinds of published materials from brochures for festivals, to family history books with lots of photos and colloquial writing, to literary journals, to technical books. We speak English and can even spell (spell checkers don't catch everything either)! We also have scientific backgrounds, so diagrams, mathematical formulas, and technical words don't throw us at all. If you want your published document to be typeset well, save yourself a lot of work, and let us do it. We have reasonable rates and quick turn-around, and long-distance typesetting is not a problem at all in these days of e-mail and overnight delivery.

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