HortIdeas Reader Comments

Comments in other publications about HortIdeas:

"If I had only one subscription, this would be it. A wonderful source of new ideas." Eliot Coleman, The New Organic Grower, 1995

"My two all-time-favorite newsletters for fast-breaking news on the latest research in the plant world are The Avant Gardener and HortIdeas." Anne Raver, The New York Times, December 10, 1995

"HortIdeas...is the widest-ranging and most intriguing newsletter that I know." William Bryant Logan, Garden Design, April/May, 1996.

"This is the 25th year anniversary of a horticulturally intense, informative and ultra-geeky newsletter called HortIdeas. . . . If you're a vege gardener and like to think of yourself in the loop, you need HortIdeas." Ketzel Levine's (recently of NPR) blog (www.ketzel.com) on Thursday, January 8, 2009

Unsolicited recent comments from our readers:

"Wouldn't want to miss an issue." Mark Cullen, Weally & Cullen, Pickering, Ontario

"Keep up the great work of diseminating that agrarian knowledge that all of us need." Darwin Luedtke, b&d nursery, Corcoran, MN

"Yours is my favorite Hort publication. You do a great job." Kevin Raftery, Palo Alto, CA

"As you may know, I am a great fan. You save us garden writers a huge amount of work by doing all the legwork for us!" Jennifer Bennett, Hartington, Ontario

"Please renew my subscription to your excellent publication." Joanne Muscarella, Brooklyn, NY

"I am a horticulture instructor and consultant. HortIdeas means a great deal to me. I don't have time to peruse all the horticulture literature every month, so your abstracts are really a Godsend for me.... Keep up the good work; you are unique and provide a great service." Susan Gruber, Tailman, NY

"Thank you for all the good information." B.L. Boutard, New Lebanon, NY

" I enjoy HortIdeas very much. Keep up the good work." Andrew C. Frankfort, KY

"Wonderful paper." Jim Wiese, Lexington, KY

"Great publication. Keep up the good work." Barbara Lawton, Kirkwood, MO

"Thanks for continuing great work!" Mark Griswold Wilson, Restoration Ecologist, Portland, OR

"I love your publication." Marcia Garrett, Flowers by the Yard, Augusta, GA

"I appreciate your humor." C. Dwayne Ogzewalla, Lake Wales, FL

"Thank you for keeping up this practical publication." Sister Carol Keaney, Presentation Convent, Goshen, NY

"May your continually informative chatty research survey remain one of the greatest of all perennials." Irving Weiss, Chestertown, MD

"The e-mail sample edition was quite impressive." Patrick Porter, WVU Extension, Morgantown, WV

"What's not to like?" Rachel & Bill Marsh-Sachs, Zone 4 Perennials, Augusta, ME 04330

"Good straight forward [book] reviews." Max Gentry, Anderson, IN

"Of all the mailings I subscribe to, this is the one that I would NOT want to miss an issue of!" William R. Town, Schaghticoke, NY

"I love you!!!" Kally Goschke, Wild Rose Landscape Gardening, Minneapolis, MN

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