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HortIdeas was a gardening newsletter for 30 years, ending in 2013. For 28 years it was a printed newsletter (along with an e-mail version in later years), but starting in 2012, the printed version of HortIdeas was no longer be published, but the e-mail version, HortIdeas OnLine continued.

2013 was the last year of HortIdeas, but you can still read about HortIdeas, or buy our 18-year CD.

Each month, we spent hours in our state agricultural college library, scanning all the latest gardening, horticultural, agricultural, forestry, ecological, etc. publications, popular and technical, U.S. and foreign, to find what's new in the world of horticulture. We also got lots of mail, both from our readers and from companies trying to market everything horticultural. And, of course, we scanned the web for anything relevant. Then we abstracted the most interesting and most useful of this information in short articles explaining the research so it is relevant to backyard gardeners and small-scale commercial growers, eliminating the technical jargon found in research journals, while keeping what's needed for the home gardener to use the research, and even throwing in a bit of humor and opinion now and then. We also included short notices about new gardening products and reviews of new gardening books.

What you won't see in HortIdeas are beautiful color photos, chatty articles about what the authors are doing, basic information on how to plant strawberries or tomatoes (unless there is a new technique), or paid ads. Our readers include many professional horticulturists (nursery operators, extension agents, garden writers) and experienced home gardeners who are enthusiastic about learning about what's new in gardening, but don't have the time to read dozens of publications.

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